Miley Cyrus Style

Miley Cyrus shed her Disney princess image and adopted an edgier look with an irreverent take on pop culture. While she occasionally wears floor-grazing gowns at red carpet events, her street style is more popular for her rocker aesthetic of distressed combat boots, cutoffs with midriff-baring crop tops and plaid shirts. Miley is no stranger to streetwear either, favoring athletic-inspired apparel like sweatshirts, leather joggers and sneakers. Just as she blends rock, pop and urban influences, Miley easily wears high end designer labels along with popular mainstream brands.
She made a bold move when she chopped off her long brown locks and got a short, platinum blond hairstyle. Her makeup is simple but vibrant: black liner to bring out her blue eyes and a bright lip in shocking pink. Provocative Marc Jacobs pieces, black Saint Laurent leather skirts and embellished jumpsuits round out her eye-catching wardrobe.